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Carnival of Real Estate – Trulia 4th of July Stars and Stripes Edition

June 30, 2008

It’s the last day of June and we can’t wait for July – it’s going to be a blast. But before we celebrate our nations independence this 4th of July, as hosts of this weeks Carnival of Real Estate, we wanted to share our favorite submissions. Thanks to all who contributed. Have a happy and safe 4th.

The top 10 Carnival Picks of the week are:

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Do You Believe in Fairy Tales? Buy a Home, Get Wife for Free

Courtesy ABC Action News

Ok. We’ve all heard of home sellers and home builders offering incentives, but nothing like this. Deven Traboscia, is a single mom and real estate agent from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. She is in the market – for a home buyer and a husband.  She has put together quite the package deal. Buy her home and you get her for free.

Deven Traboscia On ABC Action News,  Deven said, “”If you want to live the never ending dream and experience the real love, life  and the romance you have always felt was a fairytale then this is the vibrant outstanding woman of your dreams!  To sweep this European Loving Lady off her feet  send in your application right now.”

Check out her Craigslist ad here.

Here is her listing as found on Trulia:

The story has over 1,400 diggs – Home For Sale Includes a Hot Wife.

What do you think: Outta-the-box marketing or outta-control?


Top 10 Real Estate Banner Advertising Do’s and Dont’s


Trump Ad -Think of your Banner Ad as a real world highway Billboard – You have a Short time, to make an impression.

With the release of Trulia Pro, our new Local Spotlight advertising solution, I have noticed many agents enter the realm of banner advertising. Over the years, I have seen hundreds of slogans, catchphrases, “me, me, me’s” thrown on shopping carts, billboards, business cards and now websites. They offer “branding”, they “Get your name out there” – sure, I agree. But do they get results? Do they make your phone ring?

Dare I say, the typical broker/agent banner leaves a lot to be desired, and is easily ignored by today’s savvy online consumer, bored GenX/GenY web shopper. Therefore, I have come up with a few ideas on how you can improve your ads.

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Trulia Pro – Christoph Schweiger Shares His Stats for Week 1

June 26, 2008

It’s been one week since we launched Trulia Pro – our local self service advertising platform for real estate agents, mortgage brokers, local businesses and service providers. Thus far, Trulia Pro customers have already had – in sum – over 1 million impressions to their Spotlight ads. Not bad for the first week.  Additionally, Local Spotlight ads have been placed in over 1,800 geographic locations on Trulia.  Is yours one of them? If so, please let us know how it’s going. 


Today, I was contacted by Christoph Schweiger, a real estate agent from Scottsdale, Arizona who signed up for Trulia Pro last week. We connected on Facebook via the chat feature, which I love, and proceeded with some small talk. Then, Chris sent me his Trulia Pro stats for the week…..


Note: Since Chris sent me the stats during our Facebook conversation, the impressions went up to 16,749

Christoph’s ads, as of our Facebook conversation,  have had 13,413 impressions and 37 click throughs,  for a CTR of 0.28% – not bad for $39 a month. [To make it easier for you, we’ll be adding click throughs as a stat within your dashboard soon.] He had an average page visit of 1.81 – again, not too bad. Now here is the interesting part. Those that clicked his ad, spent an average of 6 minutes on his blog. That’s what I call engagement, especially for a new visitor. We only have a short window to make a good first impression.

For a new visitor to take the time to search through his site, it tells me a couple of things:

  1. They are hungry to learn more about you and your business.
  2. Chris has done a good job of creating useful and informative content on his blog for consumers.

Your Spotlight ad on Trulia is a virtual billboard for you and your business. Use the ad space wisely. Get creative with the image and copy. Pick a variety of geographic locations to test – you have 20 of them. Then study the impressions withing your dashboard to see which geography is working best. Mix and match locations. Use a high level geographic location like New York, New York at first. This will give you the greatest number of impressions. Then try a hyper-local geo or neighborhood like Gramercy Park. This may result in less impressions but the consumers will be more targeted.

If you’d like to give it a try, please click here to learn more about Trulia Pro. Who knows, you may be the first one in your area to do it. That’s a good thing.

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression”


Charting Trulia’s Top San Francisco Voices

June 26, 2008

Here at Trulia, we are obsessed with real estate. And communities. And data.

So questions like, “What does the community look like, if we were to display it on a map?” “What does it look like on paper?” are super intriguing to us… Similar projects have been attempted in other vertical spaces, but only limited work has been done around real estate communities so far.

So what’s the best incentive to keep our top tech talent happy while playing with large volume data and extracting interesting innovative graphical representations? A cool map perhaps?

Here is a example: A Map of Trulia’s Top Voices for San Francisco:


Each point represents a community member, and connections among members are answers to questions.

In a similar trait to other communities, San Francisco top voices highlights a small number of “top contributors”. These are the most active members of the community, with deep local knowledge and a commitment to the growth of the community.

The chart also shows many other, somewhat less active contributors, who are just warming up to the site and have contributed few answers or questions.

Not displayed on the map are the thousands of registered users who benefit from the community by being on site, learning and studying market trends and data, and gaining local market knowledge.

Thanks to Edouard for the data and chart.

Did you find this interesting? If so, please let us know what City to chart next.


Celebrity Home Sightings | Check out where the stars are buying and selling

‘The Tonight Show’ voice Ed McMahon finds his Mediterranean-style home in foreclosure
6br / 7ba 6,253 sqft
Actress Jaime Pressly sells ‘Zen-inspired’ lush LA mansion
Sold for $1,270,000 on May 8th, 2008
4br / 3ba 2,955 sqft
Grammy-winning producer Jimmy Jam sells 20-acre gated ranch in LA

For more juicy real estate eye candy, see the full issue here.

Stay tuned for the next edition!


Inman SF Connect – The RE Barcamp Day After House Party Hosted By Trulia

June 24, 2008

markerman.jpg Will you be attending RE Barcamp during the 2008 Inman San Francisco Connect? If so, Trulia would like to invite you to the official RE Barcamp day after party. What better way to unwind after a long day of connecting with your real estate peers.

Here’s the skinny: Trulia House Party

Where?  At our Trulia office located in Potrero Hill

When? July 23, 6-8 pm

How do I get there? We will have transportation available from the Connect to bring you to our event.

Who’s invited? All Real estate bloggers, Trulia friends and family.

What will we do at the event? Lot’s of fun and games including a Real Estate Wii Tournament and DJ. So let us know who you’d like to see competing.

Pete riding a bike in the office

Pete riding a bike in the office

Will you have food and beverages? Yes. Cerveza and food will be provided for all to enjoy. Plus, you’ll have unlimited access to our roof top deck.

Want in? Just leave a comment below to RSVP.

See you in SF.


Have no fear, the camera is here….RE Barcamp and Beer w/ Bloggers is on the 22nd. The “Day After House Party” is on the 23rd  :)


Make Your Property Photos Do the Selling

June 24, 2008


Image source: Winston Wang

Selling homes in this difficult real estate market is already hard enough.  You don’t want to handicap yourself even further by failing to show off your listing in the best light possible.   Your Internet listing partner, whether it be your broker’s website, your local MLS, or any of the new dot coms such as Trulia, allows you to upload photos of your listings to your hearts desire.  Let us look at some photography tips that can get the “SOLD” sign up on the front lawn as fast as possible and keep the foreclosure gremlins away.

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What’s The Difference Between an Exclusive Buyer Agency Agreement and Dual Agency?

June 23, 2008


If you ever wondered about the differences between Exclusive Buyers Agency (EBA) and Dual Agency and other agency relationships, you’re not alone. In many instances, they vary by state. And for most, it can be down right confusing. Generally speaking, when you sign a listing agreement with the seller, you create a fiduciary relationship where you owe that seller client undivided loyalty, confidentiality, full disclosure and more. You are basically working in their best interest. The same holds true in an Exclusive Buyer Agency relationship. You work in the best interests of your buyer client. However, in a Dual agency relationship, you really don’t have that complete fiduciary relationship to either party. It’s always best to ask your agent about the details of these agency agreements before getting into a relationship in order to prevent any misunderstandings during the transaction.

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And the Winners are…..

June 23, 2008

Today, at 4pm we wll be streaming live in the Mogulus Player below. Just refresh your page until you see us live. We added all the names into a hat and will select the three lucky winners LIVE. Each winner will get a pass to the Inman Real Estate Connect.

See you LIVE in 30 minutes……


Our Three winners are:

Joan Patterson – A Keller Williams Real Estate Agent from Rancho Cucamonga, California.

Brian Copeland – A real estate agent with Village Real Estate Services from Nashville Tennessee.

Jed Lane – A real estate agent with STAR real estate Brokerage in San Francisco, California.

Update II:

Since Joan and Brian weren’t able to make it to San Francisco, we had to do another drawing.

The two new lucky winners are:

Ines Hegedus-Garcia – A real estate agent and blogger from Miamism.

Deborah Madey –  Principal real estate broker of Peninsula Realty Group.

Congrats guys!