Looking across the street from 2247 Webster Street

Starting today our users can walk the neighborhoods…from the comfort of their very own couches.

We are excited to announce that we now have Google Maps Street View technology integrated on homes for sale, recently sold homes, and property records across the U.S. Now, house hunters can stand in front of a house, walk along the front of the property, stroll down the block, check out the neighbors and get the “true view” of a neighborhood, without ever getting in a car.

We’ve incorporated Street View onto Trulia in over 40 metropolitan areas in the U.S. where it’s available today, and we’ll roll it out on more of our 60+ million property pages as coverage expands.

So, let me take you on a faux Chicago house tour:

  1. Start off your neighborhood tour at this Lakeview, Chicago property with the For Sale sign on the front yard. This 3br/2ba home has no yard or buffer space with the neighboring homes, but it has a unique architectural element with the one-sided clerestory window (I had to look it up too).
  2. Hmmm…no garage or driveway, so we need to get more info about parking. Head North on Greenview. It’s a tree-lined, traffic-calmed street. Street parking doesn’t look too bad – plenty of spaces available.
  3. Children Crossing sign at the end of the block – turns out that Blaine Elementary is only a few blocks away (East on Grace)…and their test scores are an 8 out of 10. Not too shabby.

Lots of great information to have on hand before planning an open house visit.

Searching on Trulia now gives you the “true view” of an area so you can discover surprises lurking around the corner and save your trips for those homes that truly meet your expectations:

  • This $600K San Francisco condo looks pretty nice. Want to make sure there is a Laundromat nearby? Turn 180° and you’ll see one right across the street!
  • This condo in Cleveland, OH has “sweeping views of the lake – the beach – the yacht club – as your front yard.” Rotate 180° and you’ll see those sweeping views are interrupted by railroad tracks directly across the street.
  • This Chicago Single Family Home looks like a gem, as long as you don’t mind cozying up with your neighbors.

With this launch we add another level of efficiency and transparency for consumers across the country. We hope you enjoy it!

Official press release here.