In Part 1 of our interview series with Mike Montsko of the Weichert Lead Network (WLN), we talked about what WLN is and how it’s implementation has made a huge impact on the quality, speed, and numbers of responses to consumer queries.

Part 2 discusses WLN’s 5 Prong Marketing Strategy and Mike’s 5-year industry forecast.

Today’s video blog release coincides with a panel discussion at RISMedia’s 18th Annual Leadership Conference in NYC. Who does it feature? None other than Trulia’s Sean Black and WLN’s Mike Montsko.

In conjunction with today’s panel entitled “Clicks for Cash – How to Make Lead Generation and Conversion Work for You”, we are announcing a Trulia case study, that outlines the WLN method of Lead Conversion. For a free copy of the case study, click here.

Stay tuned for Part 3 of our video series, that takes you into the guts of WLN’s Call Center……