Remember Trulia Hindsight?

At the Inman Connect conference in our fair city of San Francisco today, I’m going to show parts of this video and wanted to make it available on the blog as well.

In partnership with uber cool design firm Stamen we’re back again with more data visualization–this time visualizing WHERE people are searching for real estate online on Trulia.

So what are you seeing in this video:

Every dot on the map is a search on across the US and each line denotes the likelihood that consumers who search here are also likely to search there. It’s sort of like Amazon Recommends for real estate.

For example, in the first city featured in the video we see that people who search in San Francisco are also likely to search in Hawaii, Miami, New York as well as within the state.

As an agent this is a great way for you to understand what your consumers are looking for online. Understanding associations between cities and neighborhoods to help your customers with their home buying or selling process. For consumers these search patterns are really about associations between cities and neighborhoods. It is a great discovery tool for consumers and…it happens to look really cool.

The next phase is understanding, which is what this is all about. Mining all the data and making it visually useful is a big part of the future. We see tools like this really giving context–prepare to be amazed about where this is all going.

We did this for fun, to show to Inman and we don’t have this live for you to play with right now, but stay tuned!

(…and thanks to Wellcome Mat for their help with the video)