Fly baby fly – we’ve launched a new Google Earth tool for the uber-techie, hyper-visual among you. Check out your future neighbors’ homes and discover which neighbors have been lying when they tell you that no, for the last time, they do not have a helipad on their roof. Oh yeah, and there’s a practical use to this too; you can use Google Earth with Trulia to make your real estate search 3D! Plus, you’ll receive a daily update of homes that match your search criteria directly to Google Earth.

How does it work? First, you need you have Google Earth installed on your computer. If you don’t have it, download it here. Now you can just go to the RSS pull down menu on the top right of any Trulia search results screen and select “Google Earth” to view your search results. When your results load to Google Earth, you’ll find it in the “Places” section; click on the results to zoom on in. Google Earth will automatically update (much like an RSS feed) with the newest listings that match your search criteria once a day.

If you’re new to all this 3D mapping stuff, be sure to check out the Google Earth blog. Happy Flying!