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Providencia Silva

Renter in Bronx, NY

Joined Mar 18, 2013


About Me

Hello. I am currently living in the Bronx. I am looking for a place to live in Connecticut. Somewhere where people are friendly, quiet and safe. I prefer 1st floors apt and maybe a small yard where my kids can play. I am a very clean tenant and pay rent on time. If my kids use the yard, I will make sure it is clean as well. I've been wanting to leave the Bronx for years but never had the courage because of my parents. After having a talk with them and telling them the Bronx is not for me, they gave me their blessings. I am willing to pay $700-$850 a month for either a two and a half or three bedroom apt. If there is anything available, please let me know. Thank you and have a good day.