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Joined Oct 19, 2009


About Me

Hello Everyone, I would like to share with you the way I discovered this site. Because I am an aspiring Illinois Real Estate licensee! I am observant,especially in the things that I want. Online is great for this because I have the opportunity to learn alot for just the cost of internet service. One way to learn is to learn from others. To that I say thankyou Trulia for having this site. There are alot of talented Real estate licensee's here. I hope to join you all in the ranks. One day that proud moment will happen when I make that great accomplishment. But for me my I am on the journey ,Till then I am studying at my own pace while busy being a full time mommy/part time marketer. It would be great to have motivators and mentors...I could use your support. Meanwhile,I am a PT/ Telecom Consultant. I assist with residential,businesses,commercial e.t.c with finding the best Telecommunications products and services. This does include agents and anyone in the Real Estate Industry as well because communication makes a business thrive! Also have computers and a excellent wireless security survellience system, I am crazy about. But enough with that it's all about what the customer wants! I would be happy to be of service to you or anyone you know. If you are interested in any telecommunications for your Agency, or are a Developer,Owner,Landlord,First Home owners,Property managers e.t.c go to get free report & consultation! Contact or visit In addition to Telecommunication, I also work with a wonderful Public Relations firm. They have a professional staff that can help anybody market and promote any type of business. Clients are given the option to choose from a variety of packages that may include Social networking,Email campaigne,Radio interviews,Press releases,Television appearances,blogging.e.t.c. This is perfect for Real Estate agents & Mortgage brokers or anyone. The great thing about the people in the firm is that they have the expertise to build your business. If you would like to get proffessional help marketing your business Contact :,we can set up a time to chat I.M: or visit I look forward to chatting,working and having my Real Estate questions answered by you. Thanks for reading and God Bless you!