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Ronald Romero

Home Buyer in Ranchos de Taos, NM

Joined Feb 12, 2013


About Me

I started & Associates with the idea of finding the best possible people that understand the importance and dignity of Bovine Leather- You see there has been much slaughter of animals and birds, used for articles of human use-but there is much, much leather-al lot that is thrown away just to keep the market high. I believe in protecting all species that have been exploited, and using what is available. Although there are some Buffalo skins on the site I don't believe that Buffalo is a necessity for human use or consumption. But throughout my hardwork endeavor, I have not even a single customer, or a review of the site. On top of that, all of the proceeds from the endeavor are/were to go to a benevolent purpose, which is Dental Care for Veterans & Others (DCVO) and to help stop the carnage of Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), I am also interest in helping folks w/their homebuying/homesaving situations, and desire at some future date to work w/NACA-Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America ( But, NACA is not in NM yet-I attended the NACA workshop in Aurora, CO, & believe that NACA has one of the best programs for America-Although extremely beneficial, still offer a 30 year fixed at the prime rate. Regardless, I think that the entire industry should be re-vamped, and really think that it was originated by greed. It has become "traditional" to be exploited-so if I ever got rich, the first thing I would do is offer mortgages, with a fair flat fee, where the fee would be paid initially, leaving the remaining payments to be applied to principle. I think it is important to view the future as correction and development, rather than interpreting history traditionally.