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Home Owner in 20020

Joined Aug 23, 2009


About Me

I did everything I was supposed to do. I hired a reputable agent, and I worked very hard with him to find a good home for myself. He did little more than walk me through hovels. I had to find every decent property we saw. The offers he wrote for me were, according to the attorney I contacted subsequently, documents which left me vulnerable to enormous risk. He bullied me, and rushed me, and generally acted like a prima donna. I now know that I should have fired him, but since this was my first home-buying experience, I thought my problems with him were with me and my expectations, not with him. At the closing, my mortgage broker showed up and paid attention to the proceedings. My agent spent the entire time either on the phone or texting, and then threw a tantrum when he found out that he had to wait until the following Monday for his commission. My agent told me that I would not need a building inspection, that I could depend on an inspection/walk-through with the builder-developer; but when that was supposed to happen (the morning of the day that I was to close), the builder-developer did not show, and my agent raised on objections with anyone for me. When I questioned the wisdom of closing, my agent directed me to attend the meeting, assuring me that it was "normal" to close without any kind of inspection of new construction. I have already spent $5,000 for repairs which had to be completed, and I am looking at repairs which I must make which will cost me at least $10,000 more. In addition, as a member of the unit owners' association, I am responsible for at least $50,000 in repairs to common-area elements, unless we can force either the builder-developer or the city to fork over money to get all that's wrong set right around here. I am very unhappy with my purchase. I wish I had hired an attorney to represent me, rather than having hired an agent.