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Kelly Slade

Renter in San Diego, CA

Joined Feb 1, 2013


About Me

As a Workforce Readiness Specialist, I equip job seekers with search tools, guidance and support through Job Readiness Workshops. A strong supporter of WIA and sector based initiatives, I support any program designed to assist job seekers with succeeding in their reemployment goals. My strong background as an administrative professional, has given me outstanding customer service and organization skills. My flexibility allows me to work effectively and efficiently individually, or as part of a team, and my ability to multi-task allows me to meet the expectations of changing job conditions. I am adept at motivating and helping others. When it comes to my family, I am idealistic, spiritual and sincere. My family, growing up, moved from apartment to apartment and finally to a house when I was 13. I have always wanted my children to say, " This is the house I grew up in." I value integrity and unity in familiar and business relationships.