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Renter in Saint Paul

Joined Nov 23, 2012


About Me

Me and my husband currently live in St. Paul, MN. We have a 7 y/o son and a 1 y/o daughter. We have been planning for 1-3 years now to move to TX. The areas that we like a lot are Garland, Dallas, Plano, and possibly Grand Prairie, TX. We visited in September just to get a fill for Texas overall and we liked it. We are currently looking to rent first and in about 1-3 years we are looking to buy. Plus this will help get settled and fill out Texas overall to find where we really want to buy our home. We are currently renting in MN, and the good new is we are able to move into our new place by April 1st instead of June 1st. We got the okay to move early by our property manager(in writing). So now we are just looking for some referrals, agents who can assist.