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Home Buyer in Saint Louis

Joined Nov 19, 2012


About Me

I have decided to stay in ST Louis for at least a few years due to a wonderful job opportunity. My family is in Tampa and Sarasota. I moved o FL last year and am very familiar with Tampa, St Pete etc since we had a 2nd home while I was growing up on Longboat Key. I want to purchase a condo/townhome as close to the beach as I can get, in either St Pete, Ft Myers, or a place like Riverview. I am very concerned about having a GOOD SAFE neighborhood that is not trashy as some condos in FL can be. I am very particular about what the building will look like I do not want one that was a converted motel.( no low life people, no trash, not a bad area for a single woman)., I want at least a 2/2 with more than 1,000 feet. I had a double knee replacement last year so I want a property on the first floor, with covered parking. I would prefer a garage but I know that is very hard to come by. I want low condo fees and a pool. Asthetics are very impt to me- some pretty greenery etc. I want a washer and dryer in the unit. And a lanai or patio. PRIVACY is impt. I am willing for it to be in a 55 plus community as I turned 55 this year and my boyfriend is 58, but I do not like nosy neighbors after having my own large home for years. The condo/townhome can be two levels I can walk steps and it can even be on a higher floor as long as the property has an elevator. I do not want to carry groceries and furniture up multiple flights. I do not like modern crazy paint colors. I like NEUTRAL colors. I do not want ugly carpeting that would have to be replaced or old wallpaper. I am willing to do minor repairs with my boyfriend (paint one room) or something but not a complete overhaul. I used to be a real estate agent in MO and I know that you can still get steals on condos in FL right now. I want a property with charm not one I would be embarrassed to come home to or have friends to as my home in St Louis is VERY NICE. I am starting a new job and do not have time to spend on the phone. Please communicate with me ONLY by email at this point. If I have more interest I will reach out to you by phone. Until I am able to get to FL full time I would like to rent out a turn key prop and be able to come down during my vacations or if the property does not allow that I would hold it as a 2nd residence.