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Both Buyer And Seller in 97220

Joined Jul 16, 2007


About Me

Due to the extra-ordinary market opportunites of the past year, Julie SOLD her 100 % Equity property in Woodlawn, at 7111 NE 9th, Portland Oregon Roger & Kristin who will do the next ophase of major restoration on the 116 year old Conservation District property. HOORAY! That allows me to buy 2 houses this time. I chose both a CLOSE in Victorian, with 4 levels and downtown vieews, AND a nice modest Craftsman with 2-5 bedrooms and 2 baths, on almost a quarter acre in PEACEFUL Parkrose. Both are quality properties where I can entertain, and on great Transit - hopefully long-time keepers. The SE 12th property has mixed use someone looking for a great basement (or storag, an Office, or Guest-Room rental Space) in that area may contact me. I am living mainly in Parkrose thru spring-fall to fully enjoy the sunny garden season, and will live at both houses; so I am seeking QUALITY non-smoking housemates for both properties (Couples OK) I am able to do extensive organic gardening in I am looking for some one to help build my greenhouse frame. I already have deck materials, and new fruit trees, and I've only just begun! Who has Figs, Kiwi, blueberries and Grapes to share? I am also open to Co-Investors for one or 2 Astoria or Tilamook Properties - these areas amazingly still have a low Buy0in opportunity, and great yeild on equity potential if we help improve the area and promote Bike Tourism, organics the Alpine Rain Forest, fresh seafood, great photography, fishing and hunting, and other stunningly positive North Coast advantages. I've identified a great Broker - and few VERY GOOD property options, including Owner Carry alternatives - and have one backer now for low payments on the first 5 yearto secure my participation in economic development for the North Coast. Who's in - with good biz sensibilities - and wants to write off your trips to the Coast?? Contact me soon - it's now Summer 2008 - and Sellers are waiting... Julie M. Call or email to talk Purchase Terms this high-appreciation VICTORIAN FIXER. Flexible Seller! Broker's will receive a Courtesy Fee for bringing Buyers who want to buy a Historic Conservation property under market in WOODLAWN. representation. Those who already own small boring houses will love this one. It can be a dream house. I am a strategist, and now a R.E. Investor. I have used the Capital Gains Exemption THREE times in the past on good old houses, and am moving into inspiring properties with Commercial Zoning. God Bless Bill Clinton!! Co-Buyers (and passive Investors - for commercial) welcome...we can each use the Cap Gains Exemption and hold for a longer period that way...that is if you occupy for 2 of the last 5 years before sale. Courtesy to Brokers and Bankers - let's chat if you are seeking a sane alternative to usual time-consuming procedures or formula alternatives, or need communitarian marketing support. I often look for quality architecture rehab oppportunities...and am open to buying & holding pending Lein notes to help people out of Tax/Forclosure Distress - to allow them reasonable time to sell, with less disruption and stress. See details at Zillow on the Woodlawn house that I just sold. I never make less than $50K on my houses...generally 100+ - and on the 2 I am buying now - it will be much more, since I want to hold share, and ENJOY them longer. If my new potential housemates want to become Buyers - I can HELP. I keep losing neighbors (who were renters) that way!