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Lorenzo Piroli

Both Buyer And Seller in New Haven

Joined Apr 20, 2009


About Me

New Haven Homes, LLC provides a service to both sellers and buyers of the real estate market. We primarily work with motivated sellers and come up with creative solutions to assist property owners out of their adverse situations. - We specialize in wholesaling properties in the area surrounding New Haven, CT. Our inventory of properties to wholesale are developed by entering into assignment of contract agreements with these owners, in which we may assign the rights of the contracts over to an end user. We have an extensive investor database that we’ve developed through professional networking that facilitates our process of finding a buyer. - New Haven Homes, LLC is looking to meet like-minded investors to exchange ideas and make deals with. If you are an investor looking for deep discounts on properties, and would like to be added to our wholesale database, please contact us through this site or at If you wholesale properties and are looking for more investors, please let us know as well, as we are always looking for more sources of great deals. - Contact Information: New Haven Homes, LLC PO Box 207087 New Haven, CT 06520