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Sherry Morris

Home Buyer in Colorado Springs

Joined Nov 4, 2012


About Me

I bought my 1st home 2 years ago it is a fixer upper or just starter overer lol anyway my mobile home (current) is a 1964 ventura and is barely hanging on by the thread off its duct tape. Time for a new or at least newer home. So considering I own the 1/4 acre lot that it is on I think I am going to go agead and demolish/scrap the old trailer and buy a new one. K so ended up doing things a bit backwards, bought newer home it is being remodled and renovated from ground up roof, walls, floors and all in between as we speak. Here is the problem.... I am clueless to all of this and need to have my new home moved by truck to my lot. NOOOO idea where to start or the cost or even how to find out if I can move my new home onto my lot. Sugestions, clues, answers, hints... whatever you feel like sharing advice wise I am all ears or I guess eyes in this case. Thank for the help.