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About Me

Look at some of others "about me". The same as "specialties" and "experience", "about me" can be another excellent area for puffing . That bothers me too much to write it in difficulty. Please, permit me try to introduce myself in the first person other than talk in the third person “about me” misleading readers in a sight of endorsement. I did not put my last name and business information here. That is because I did not want that Trulia readers assume I am soliciting myself here. I do not do that on Trulia and I do not do anything on Trulia as a real estate sales (so called agent) such as representing someone to the third party or providing real estate advice to any specific person on their particular needs. Too commercial doesn’t not mean guilty or ugly but that might mention people to adjust my correctability and credibility which are more important than business opportunity. I have touched many job positions in both of the real estate and loan fields. This unique experience keeps telling me that I should think about everything from the different views, different levels, different perspectives, and different angles. As a real estate observer, I have observed real estate for more than fifteen year. I enjoy watching the market, the agents, the consumers and beyond, then I can find the agents’ and consumers’ regularities before they do by themselves and wait for them at the final. I enjoy foreseeing a particular real estate individual person's or firm's future and outcome. That brings a lot thumbs up from both sides. For numbers of reasons, the people love to post photos of themselves on their websites and here. Hardly enjoy to think of it, many of real estate firms do that too. My teacher told me there's some conventional wisdomers out there who preach that it's a dandy practice whatever some of the posters and the watchers have the same original purpose in their deep hearts. As a matter of personal preference I don't like it but I find there can be a good chance to post my art work. Now, here you go. Welcome to correct the error and mistake in my writing. _______________________________ Disclaimer Please be understood, I, as a real estate observer rather than a real estate advisor or sales, is neither responsible nor liable for any information or opinions posted or linked from me or other people's on my account. Anything on my account which you doubt that confuses people as an advice, Please let me know as soon as possible. I will either correct it or clarify it as soon as I can. My understanding is the Trulia members are solely and individually responsible for their adopts of information including referrals, content, and links. No real estate, loan, legal, tax, finance, construction, insurance or other advice is provided on my account. People here seeking the advices above which governmental authorization involved should consult designated advisors with effective license in such respective fields. Providing contact information of professional or general service providers is for increasing people's sources of the chance in shopping. That is neither for referring the service providers to the people nor as my imply endorsement. Participation in my activities including my comments, blogs, answers, questions and other activities on Trulia and/or beyond means full acknowledgment and approval of this disclaimer. As a person with high good faith and ethical standards, remind me before yell me. (Both "about me" and "disclaimer" are under construction, correction and revision are welcome!)