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Vincent Leonardo

Home Buyer in Philadelphia

Joined Sep 28, 2012


About Me

My real estate story starts with my girlfriend, Christina. Christina and I are a match made in heaven...the one you only see in the movies. We met three years ago, instantly connected, and the rest is history. Fast forward three years, Christina is the principle of her own real estate team out of Keller Williams Realty located in Center City Philadelphia and I (like so many others in the economy) am forced to look for supplemental income to help support the house. I thought what better way than join Christina (I couldn’t let her have all the fun). The boss at home became the boss at work. I quickly earned my real estate license and joined Christina in building her all-star team. Christina and her team represent the best of what real estate has to offer. Her team motto is a 21st century team with good old fashion values. Not often do you see this combination in today's marketplace. The 21st century side keeps us relevant. She always says, “We are in the 21st century so our real estate tactics need to mirror that.” We are big on web presence, search engine marketing and optimization and even blogging. Are old fashions values are Put the client first. We are real and reachable. We meet belly to belly. If you want to call us, we will take the time to answer. All this may sound rudimentary and it is. We stick to the basics as they are our team's building blocks. As a couple, Christina & I bring together a variety of skills. We specialize in working with couples and first time home buyers probably because we recently bought our first home and are such a strong couple ourselves. To our advantage Christina is a great negotiator. I will tell you this, we have been together for years now, and she has never lost a negotiation at the office or at home. Personally, I am an experienced tax accountant so I know all the real estate related tax deductions and credits. I also love investing and working with real estate investors. I bought my first house at 18 and I always joke the only reason it took so long was because they wouldn't let me buy it before that age. I have included a few of my recommendations (see back) or check some out on LinkedIn or Yelp. Christina & I currently live in Dickinson Narrows and are very active in the neighborhood. We are members of the Dickinson Narrows Civic Association and committee people representing the 1st Ward 15th Division. We are also big animal lovers and currently have four rescued cats: Fumbles, Chase, EJ, and Rumbles.