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Renter in Livermore

Joined Sep 28, 2012


About Me

Long term tenants (10 years-Feb 2013 at current location in Santa Clara) but need to move closer to the Livermore Outlet mall. Two (2) adult sons that have been with their companies 8 and 15 years. I'm a retired audtior/accountant but after we are moved and settled, I have promised (an insurance company) to return to auditing on a part-time basis. Five (5) years ago I adopted a dog from a co-worker and within a few short weeks this little 20 lb. dog was trying to dig out something from my body that turned out to be two (2) tumors which were cancerous. The San Jose Mercury News did a newspaper article about "Harley" and now he is a family member and wherever I go he goes.(I'm sure all of you understand this!) This is why I need a house with a yard that is enclosed. We are looking for a house with a garage. We need a double car garage due to the fact that we have 3 cars and 2 motorcycles. Apartments do not have garages or the space that we need. As rents are extremely high, my sons and I are obligated to live with each other but we still cannot afford such high rents as we have seen in the areas. I realize the rental market is difficult but I believe in the "goodness" of people assisting each other. It only takes a moment to send an email or a telephone call to let someone know of a listing, etc. I search on a daily basis. I have come across 7 scams so far and 4 where agents do not follow-up on my emails or telephone calls (to schedule an appointment to see a property). We were supposed to have moved by the end of the year, I only hope our property manager will let us stay longer, since we have been unable to locate a new rental. Sincerely, Robin Allen