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Tom Coogan

Home Buyer in New York County

Joined Feb 25, 2009


About Me

not a private person,but love down time after 31 yrs,closing titles , n working thru titles as main carear.,but got involved buying mtges for 5 yrs and bought n sold individusly or with a group,making money both times.however the liars at lehman brothers escaped jail,i lost 1.5 mill.sad but say im an expert,but there s 10 %,i may not know,therefore i call county or village agency for answer.. ive recovered emotionally,n back working, doing half the work i use to do n dont see market making a strong comback till interest rates go up to 5 or 6%. couples have money but are waiting. for what,a fairer negotioable price,where unfortunately the owner may loose money,(ive been there to often ) i wish all the best. tpc at o m