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Amerevision provides litigation funding to persons and small businesses. We empower our clients to resolve their disputes proactively, economically, and favorably, enabling them to better understand and control the handling of their litigation and alleviate the financial risks associated with funding their claims independently. We fund litigation by directly paying our clients' legal fees, costs, and disbursements in exchange for a percentage share of the judgment or settlement, which may manifest either as an award or as savings. Amerevision's culture, to the benefit of our clients, is one of transparency, accessibility and creativity. Our expert team provides comprehensive, individualized care and is dedicated to matching each client's unique needs with a viable solution. Amerevision's funding and support services facilitates access to highly specialized legal representation for our clients. In addition, Amerevision's clients enjoy a monetary arrangement that better aligns their attorneys' interests with their own. Amerevision optimizes its clients' likelihoods of obtaining expedient and favorable outcomes and maximizing their awards or savings. Because of the risk that Amerevision assumes in investing in the outcome of a legal matter, to qualify for funding from Amerevision, a litigant's case must demonstrate sufficient merit. Before it is accepted for funding, a legal matter will undergo a rigorous evaluation through our carefully honed, proprietary system of risk assessment and valuation. To initiate this application process, please apply through our website.