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John Jones

Other in Riverside

Joined Dec 11, 2008


About Me

Hello everyone, My name is John and I've been working within the real estate industry for three years now. If you count vacation rentals and long term property management type businesses then I've really been in the industry for seven years and not three. My journey into the real estate industry started in the vacation rental business where I was employed originally as the in house webmaster. It wasn't long before the company owner wanted to invest his time and money into internet marketing. So we set out on an adventure that shaped and changed my career goals forever. I now work directly with real estate professionals around the United States to help bring clarity and understanding to their online marketing strategies and development. I've been known as a motivator for my customers, a soundboard to bounce concepts off of and a spam filter since I'll review any marketing related solicitation for a client and provide an honest opinion of the solicitation. I've joined Trulia Voices to demonstrate the value behind the Q & A features and to show clients how to further promote and brand their own reputation online as experts within their areas. Additionally I have a few real estate related questions of my own I want to ask for personal and professional purposes so this is business and pleasure both for me.