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Sean Dawes

Other in Philadelphia

Joined Dec 4, 2008


About Me

Most people like to put a nice formulated paragraph which is essentially a sales pitch filled with words as “dedicated”, “customer service”, “high quality of service” and so forth. By all means I am not denying I do all of the above. But I feel an about me section should be a section that boils down to who I am, where I have come from and what I aspire to do in life. I was born and raised in Philadelphia and have lived here ever since. Throughout my years I spent time in bucks county going to high school there (Holy Ghost Prep) and then later went to college in dolyestown (Delaware valley College). My passion for business has been around since being a little kid (see profile pic). Whether it was my first business selling soda and golf balls at the fence of the local golf course to later on buying and selling for profit car parts (one of my passions is sports cars), I learned from an early age to hustle. When you put your all into something, you get a successful business and that is what being a realtor is...a service based business. I started my own marketing consulting company which I consult for various brands as well as use the skills and leverage from that business to help my real estate clients truly market their homes. Gone are the days when realtors could get away with putting a sign in the lawn and sitting back and waiting to collect their commission. I bring new age tactics...a lot of hustle...and ability to adapt to each deal to find a solution and make the deal close. So if you have a question about real estate or just want to chat, drop me an email at and I would love to chat about real estate or what makes you passionate. -Sean Dawes