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Joined Aug 2, 2012


About Me

I am a single person age 55, disabled with MS, a Grandmother of 4. I am on limited income and have poor credit. However, I do pay my rent at my current location. I know that there is no way I could get a mortgage with my credit history, but at one time I thought there was a program out there, so people who are somewhat disadvantage could get a low interest mortgage. Perhaps I'm dreaming, I don't know. It's been many years since I was involved with Real estate (I use to work as a receptionist at Nothnagle). I do not and cannot work but collect SSI and spousal Maintenance which altogether totals $1453.00 per month. I have no savings. I know I don't have a larger income, but I'd still like to see if there is any chance of me having the American Dream of being a home owner. I am looking for a single family house, with no steps (except if there is a basement). I'd prefer the house be located in or near the eastern side of the Town of Webster, New York 14580. The house that would really interest me the most, is one that comes with appliances, central air, a garage, and possibly an enclosed porch or just a porch in general. I'd like it to face east/west, but would consider north/south positions. I'm not looking for a huge yard or acreage, just something nice that wouldn't require extra work other than the usual. I like trees for shade, but prefer only a few, not a woodsy kind of lot. My main dream is to have a house, with a barn (small), garage, and an acre of land where I'd be able to have a horse. But my dreams, I know will never be realized due to the economy and my income an credit rating. I am more or less just a person interested in what might be out there that may or may not be something I could someday get into. I'm tired of apartment living, but know too that I am stuck. Thank you for reading about me. Oh by the way, I have lived in Webster (the village) all my life! I can't see myself living anywhere else as I've been to different places and always came back to my home of Webster, New York. Thank you for taking the time to read About Me