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Andie Day - SHIFT Legacy

Other in Newport Beach, CA

Joined Jul 6, 2012


About Me

Andie Day is an award winning interior designer who specializes in creating innovative, effective home solutions. Andie’s work has been showcased in regional and national publications including Design New England, PN Magazine, New England Home, Kitchen and Bath Ideas, and The Washington Post. She has also been featured on NECN’s Dream House, a program that highlights innovative interior design. Her work has earned awards from Clarke Distribution, Broan’s National Kitchen Design, and PRISM and chosen as a “Reign in Spain” winner by Tile of Spain. Andie has served as a contributing blogger for national shelter publications. Design for Life® = designing home environments that contribute to healthy lifestyles for clients and family. When clients are open to this, we work to develop a version of a business plan that becomes a life plan for the way they live. Life becomes more meaningful with lasting forms of fulfillment which come from living in an authentic and balanced way. We bring value to our client’s home and life. Our design goal is simplicity, which we accomplish through space planning, incorporating systems, simplification, reduction of possessions and de-cluttering. What remains are beautiful, nurturing living spaces equipped with furnishings, finishes and products that serve to fill the senses and, ultimately, support the client’s Design for Life® plan.