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Keli Renee Robinson

Both Buyer And Seller in Missouri

Joined May 6, 2012


About Me

The name of my biz is Straightup Hookups,with that being said. I've hooked myself up with a property management position just by being me and doing what I do. What is that you ask? I'm me,unfortunately I'm truthul to a fault,I'm straight with no chaser,honest and I keep it real and realistic. Already I'm being faced with afew issues,I'll definitely be using the Q & A forums for assistance. I have acquired new contracts and I'm Iooking forward to see where this journey will lead! Well, this is certainly turning out to be an awesome adventure. My part-time property management position has turned into so much more than expected. I've been asked by several more property owners to help them manage their properties. I do mainly because these are friends and I love to help others, especially friends. Blessings!