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Renter in Lexington

Joined May 3, 2012


About Me

My husband and I are from Michigan, we moved to Fort Hood Killeen Texas for 3 years then came to Lexington Kentucky. We really enjoyed Texas the most so we're looking to move back. Killeen is wayyy over populated with soldiers and is not our ideal place to start a family. We are researching different areas of Texas trying to get a grip on what would work best for us. We are 26, no kids yet, have 2 dogs and love the dry heat. What we find important to us includes: things to do outdoors/ walking trails, metro city area with no one way streets but something more than just farms, water access for swimming/ reccreation/ floating the river type stuff, good shopping centers/ malls, night entertainment, concert halls. Our first goal is going to be to find an apartment to rent, so we can get jobs, so we can get a loan, so we can get a house... blah, wish we could just get a house!! We are going to have just one visit to Texas to decide on an apartment, should be interesting but if we were able to do it twice now in the past, this should be no problem, hopefully. After getting an apartment, we can then continue finding what parts of Texas suit us best, we're just hoping we can find the right place from the start so the next move won't need to be long distance!