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R,macool - Rick

Both Buyer And Seller in Watkins Glen

Joined May 2, 2012


About Me

I am Looking to relocate to the watkins Glen area,I would like a older bigger home ,needing some work is OK , I was in My day a Union Carpenter,I can fix things slowly.Time is no Issue because I have plenty of it. I have a Wife 5 kids and Own German Shepherds-3 of them. Not agressive or mean,they are Search and rescue Dogs..I need a nice sized peice of property to keep My Dogs happy on. Barns and out-buildings are a Plus.I need a workshop or My putting around would come to a halt. I can't just let myself deteriorate a workshop is a must and a barn is a dream..I really like the Watkins area,I could see Myself spending My intire Life in the Glen Area. Beings I am a disabled Veteran and I am on Compensation from the VA a VA loan would be My first Choice, I have never used that option and would like to use it this time. I am being Granted from 80% to 100% with-in the next three months from the VA.Time to use My benifits to Make Myself happy after all the years of being in pain and fighting the fight.I would like a home big enough that my whole family and there kids could visit If I wanted them to.