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Joined Feb 27, 2012


About Me

I just can’t think of anything that I’d rather be doing than working and living in the Real Estate Field. I find this is a very challenging industry where there is never a dull moment. Every customer or client with whom I work has 1 or 2 daunting challenges for which they require assistance: They either own a house that they no longer want to own; or they don’t own a house that they would like to; or maybe both. My job is to figure out how to solve these two basic challenges and do it better than anyone else. It is in facing these challenges that I find my most creative abilities. I have been blessed to have found wonderful and supportive team members in my wife, Nancy and son Jamie. I am especially grateful to have the loyalty and talents of Team Members Christy Scarpa, Lisa Mayew-Applegate, Travis Dorman & Antonio Furio to offer as added value services to all those who come to us for help. Our challenge is to provide the utmost in the quality of Marketing, Service, Accountability and Integrity that one would expect, but often doesn't find in today’s hectic business environment. We’re not all work and no play! Life is primary! One of the things that I like most about this business is that with full utilization of the most advanced technology available, I can take my business on the road with me wherever I am. And that means you don’t get left behind. Sometimes "Out of Town", never "Out of Touch"! At "The Riggin Group," we are firm in our belief that Service, Knowledge, Diligence and Integrity are the key ingredients in the makeup of any "Professional" and "Successful" organization. We recognize that our success and reputation rests on the success of our clients. We are dedicated to the overall improvement of the real estate industry by promoting the highest ethical standards in our daily business practice. We are also committed to "Superstar Service" for our clients through continued education, use of modern technology and appreciation for the "Privilege" of being "Your Real Estate Team Of Choice." Thank you for choosing us to assist you and your family. Yours truly, Eddie Riggin