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Andrew Williams Jr

Home Seller in Los Angeles

Joined Oct 8, 2008


About Me

Andrew Williams, Jr. has been entrusted by Unlimited Worldwide Travel Club Affiliate Network to recruit, train, direct, support and empower a multi-lingual, multi-cultural sales team within each of the 192 Member States of the United Nations, dedicated to accomplish individual and collective goals and objectives related to providing discount travel membership benefits to increase sales and reward employees for businesses; increase cost savings and productivity for frequent travelers; provide fund-raising resources, membership incentives, and donor rewards for non-profits; and enable individuals to earn home-based and direct selling income from every location around the Earth over the next five years. Travel Free Worldwide is a five year old marketing company that prides itself on its service and has not received one single complaint about its products or service since it started. Up to 2008, we have sold only travel incentives that are fulfilled by other travel agencies. Now we offer links to a full service travel program run by Hemisphere Travel. Hemisphere Travel provides all the travel services for Unlimited Worldwide Travel. The company booking and support staff averages over 15 years of high volume travel experience. Prices: 100 X $10.00 = $1,000; 250 X $8 = $2,000; 500 X $7 = $3,500; 1,000 X $5 = $5,000; 5,000 X $3 = $15,000. Order today and get a $500 Gas Coupon good worldwide! Go to: and enter "BBDEMO" to experience the discount benefits our members enjoy - for 5 years! BUSINESSES CAN CLOSE MORE SALES AND BRING IN MORE CUSTOMERS THROUGH THE HOLIDAYS WITH TRAVEL INCENTIVES!!! Give away a Hotel Resort Voucher for 2 (travel not included) With each 5-year Private Discount Travel Membership! 3 days/2 nights at one of 58 U.S. destinations, or 5 days/4 nights in Mexico, Puerto Rico or Hong Kong, or 7 nights in the Canary Islands, Thailand, Beijing, China CHURCHES, FRATERNITIES, SORORITIES, TEMPLES, MOSQUES, CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE, SYNAGOGUES, CAR CLUBS, SPORTS TEAM BOOSTER CLUBS, BINGO CLUBS [501(3)c Only) WITH HOLIDAY RAFFLES! Buy a 100-Pack of our 3-day/2-night (for 2) Travel Certificates ($1,000) that you raffle for $10 per ticket. Sell 500 Raffle Tickets for $5,000.00 (example only). Each winner can choose from: 3 days/2 nights at one of 58 U.S. destinations, or 5 days/4 nights in Mexico, Puerto Rico or Hong Kong, or 7 nights in the Canary Islands, Thailand, Beijing, China Plus a FREE 5-year Family Membership in a Private Discount Travel Club that can save them 10% to 40% on car rentals, airfare, hotel stays, and more SALES AGENTS AND AFFILIATES NEEDED WORLDWIDE Please go to the UWTC Vendors and Affiliates website, where individuals, businesses, non-profit organizations, clubs, and consulates from around the Earth can register to automatically receive an ID# online that tracks all sales placed through the ID# in order to pay commissions automatically. The ID# can be placed on websites, email signatures, business cards, flyers, newspaper ads, billboards, etc. Get Paid* For example, when someone places an order for Membership Certificates and TravelPak™ Certificates using your Affiliate ID#, you get paid 20% of the total. Value-added Benefits to Customers and Members Each purchaser can rest assured of receiving much more than the value of the money spent. For example, each 3-day/2-night TravelPak™ Certificate has a value of up to $400 each. That means the fair market value of the customer’s $1,000.00 purchase of 100 Certificates would be (100 x $400 =) $40,000.00. HOWEVER, the TravelPak™ Certificate is merely a “fringe benefit” of the 5-year Membership in the Discount Travel Club, saving members 20%-50% on airfare, car rentals, hotel accommodations and related expenses. Similar memberships are being sold for thousands of dollars per year! Secure Orders through PayPal All UWTC orders are processed through a secure PayPal shopping cart, so that no purchaser reveals anything to UWTC of a personal or sensitive nature, except a valid email address, which we do not sell, rent or make available to third party vendors of any kind. No visitor can access the UWTC Order Page unless using a valid and active Vendor or Affiliate ID#, which guarantees your payment for each and every order placed through your unique ID#. Special Incentive As a special incentive to new Affiliates and Vendors, you will receive a 20% rebate for your initial purchase of a Membership Certificate and TravelPak™ package within thirty (30) days of your original Registration date.