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David Weigant

Renter in New York

Joined Feb 12, 2012


About Me

Hello, I am a stagehand who is looking at moving to Las Vegas, from New York, so that I can be closer to my daughter who lives in Phoenix. I am thinking of an April time frame for this move and I am just beginning to look into possible apartments. I am hopeful that I can find a two bedroom apartment so my daughter can have her own room when she is with me. A close playground would be ideal, as well. As for the rest of the apartment goes, I think that I might enjoy a place with a blended and open kitchen/dining area/living room kind of thing.I hope to find a broker to help me in my search. As for commuting concerns, I anticipate working on conventions, trade shows, and such in Las Vegas. I am also seeking employment opportunities with the many shows on the strip. Thank you for looking at my profile. David