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Moises Christopher Santos

Other in Hoboken

Joined Jan 24, 2012


About Me

Moises Christopher Santos, or Chris, as he is more commonly known, is a born and raised New Jersey native who offers his clients a home grown expertise within in his native New Jersey Real Estate Market. Exposed to real estate at an early age, he became interested in the architecture and development found in the Metro NY & NJ area. After attending Bergen Community College, Chris realized that Real Estate was a field he could not only enjoy, but excel in. With an additional six years of banking experience, Chris has worked closely with customers, supporting their important financial decisions and helping them through their most important decision, finding a home. When Chris is not focusing hard on the ever changing Real Estate market, he is playing guitar, writing, performing and recording as a singer/songwriter. Being a musician, Chris has toured the entire East Coast with his band and performed at various music festivals around the Tri-State Area. In addition, Chris is very involved in his family’s Portuguese culture, from the language to travelling frequently to visit his relatives. As an avid ocean and beach lover, you can find him in the water surfing or playing soccer. “I am the type of person who lives to learn from life’s experiences. I work hard and make the sacrifices needed so I can accomplish my goals. I’d rather say I tried but failed then never try and never know.” – Moises Christopher Santos