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Jon Olson

Home Buyer in San Diego

Joined Aug 27, 2008


About Me

I'm a Television Producer that recently graduated from college in Ohio. I met my wife there and was married last December. I lived in North Carolina until recently, when I accepted a Television Production job in San Diego. My wife and I are looking for a place where we can finally make our roots and begin to raise a family for the long term. We would like a home that we can live in for at least 5 years. The sticker shock of homes in California hasn't quite worn off yet. My first home will cost almost as much as my father's current home does in Michigan, and he is a Neurosurgeon. We understand the high cost of homes closer to the coast, but my wife and I are so fond of the water we are willing to pay more each month for the next 30-40 years in order to live there. I would love advice on achieving my goals.