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Home Buyer in Concord

Joined Oct 25, 2011


About Me

My husband and I are in our mid-60's. We sold our home in early May for a great price, knowing we could no longer afford our $400K mortgage and have been looking for another home ever since. Our goal is to cut our mortgage in half and have a payment, including HOA/taxes/ins, of no more than $1600. We have $100K for down payment and costs. The most affordable homes that are in decent/safe neighbourhoods appear to be in Summerset in Brentwood, but we've lost offers there and now the same house that would have been $265K then is now going for $295K. Rossmoor is scary -- how could we live with one bathroom, no garage, and a carport that's half a block away -- this is for seniors? The place is full of hills and stairs too.