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Home Buyer in Huntington Beach

Joined Aug 31, 2011


About Me

Have an upside down home in LA. Paid 429K, worth 287K as of recent April appraisal. It needs work and frankly I am tired of paying 3000 a month on a home worth far less. I have 3 tenants and as far as I see it, this situation will not change anytime soon. I do not want to be stuck living like this for the next 10-15 years just to see my home deteriorate further and all for what? So I can break even? I am going to either let it go back to the bank or short-sell but I don't plan on paying mortgage especially after the bank and the Feds turned down my Modification 3 times! If they would rather see me lose the home and they take a loss then so be it. I am done! So I want to still have my own place and as far as i can see, a Mobile Home is an affordable way to live. I have lived in them before and when you are inside, you can't tell the difference from a real house or a mobile home! I have saved up roughly 25K and want something in that range and I have seen plenty of units for sale in the areas of Long Beach and Huntington Beach. I can afford around 750.00 lot rent. If you are an agent and can find me something in this range, I will pay CASH. My credit is basically ruined but I have 2 businesses and clear 3500.00 a month so I can afford the rent. Once I am free of the house I have, I will have even more money that I am currently blowing on Taxes and all the other BS home-ownership straddles you with. Trust me, owning a home is ONLY good when you either have inherited it or bought it when prices were low. I did neither and have suffered through 7 years of trying to hang on. Enough already!