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Rena Estes

Other in Oakland

Joined Aug 4, 2011


About Me

I am originally from Northern California, moved to South Lake Tahoe in the early 90's, then to Northern Nevada in 2002. I have relocated to California, now living in Oakland. I had been interested in real estate when I put my first home up for sale. The real estate agents were very helpful and informative. I always thought what they did was something I would like to do. Several years later, I met a woman who had retired from another business and then got her real estate license. She worked for many years in the Sonoma County area, helping buyers and sellers, and did some investing for herself. She has become a life long mentor and inspires me. I am looking forward to learning the market in a city the size of Oakland. I know some people have lived here many years and know the area much better then I do, but I have a fresh viewpoint on what I see and I think that is a plus. I am taking the time learning the city while I work towards getting my California license.