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Elizabeth Mago

Renter in Pawling, NY

Joined Jul 13, 2011


About Me

My adult daughter and I share a home with our little eight year old and eight pound dachshund companion dog. She has been trained to be a working dog. We may like to share a larger home with my two other adult daughters and have a "pea pod" household, this depends on whether we can find a home in Pawling, NY which would be affordable, clean and have at least two large bedrooms, but preferably 3 to 4. We are more interested in the lower rent rate with two bedrooms then we are to have the four bedrooms. This profile is just to give some information to a landlord who is interested in long term reliable tenants. If you have something that you think we might be interested in please do not hesitate to contact me. After October 2014 we would have found something and will not be interested anymore. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Liz