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Home Seller in North Haven

Joined Apr 4, 2011


About Me

Community Involvement For the past 6 years or so I have been a regular volunteer at the Northford Food Bank. My husband grew up in Northford and has strong ties to the people there. Spending time at the food bank is a great way to give back and help out fellow members of our community. Professional Background Before becoming a Realtor in 2005, most of my professional career was spent in advertising, specifically television and radio. After college I spent several years working in a variety of media outlets including television two stations, an advertising agency and a record company. My favorite job during that time was as a writer and producer of local television commercials in Burlington, Vermont. I was able to utilize two of my best assets, my creativity and writing skills, in one job. I won awards and had a lot of fun coming up with ideas and creating scripts, and eventually commercials, for small local businesses. It was an especially great feeling to watch the advertising work, and see the businesses grow. Now, as a Realtor, I tap into my creative skills in a variety of ways. Whether I am writing a descriptive ad for a new listing or taking quality photographs of my client's homes; or even coming up with new ways to market a home or negotiate a contract, I draw on my creative skills every day. Let me put my skills to work for you! Business Philosophy I believe that if a house is priced correctly, it will sell in any market. One of my jobs as a Realtor is to help a Seller price their home correctly, using the most current market facts. I don't determine what a home will sell for-- the market does. (I've sold 3 homes that I've owned personally, so I speak from personal, as well as professional experience!) On the buying side of real estate, I don't believe that I can "sell" anyone a house. Another one of my jobs as a Realtor is to listen to what a Buyer really wants and help them find it. If I listen to my client's needs and show them what they are looking for, I don't do any "selling" at all. The right house tends to sell itself! Owning real estate is a goal for many of us. I feel fortunate to be helping people realize their dreams! Education and Training Lyman Hall High School, Wallingford, CT Emerson College, Boston, MA Bachelor of Science, Mass Communication My Blog For Sale Signs, One Realtor's Adventures in Real Estate: