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Samuel Anderson

Home Buyer in Manteca

Joined Mar 16, 2011


About Me

I realize this country is in a pickle with all the real estate and now is the time to take advantage of investment properties. I'm mainly interested in obtaining properties that are a great value and which I can rent out. I want to build portfolios in various cities and go from there. These properties must be close to move-in condition or ready to move-in. I will not spend too much money on fixer-uppers! I will not spend high prices on all homes. I buy cheap because that is where the investment is. I just might hurt your feelings with my price, but that's the way it goes. I am also open to several types of deals and finance options. Just let me know. As long as it is legal. My corporation is an LLC and I want to keep it simple enough to who I work with can assist me in the right properties and value for what I intend to do. I also have ideas as to what we can do together and with others in order to fill homes with people and bring communities back to life. These ideas of course will have to work with city elders, investors and businesses. More on that once we get to know each other. I look forward to meeting you. PLEASE NOTE: If you can't reach me via phone, email is best because it goes directly to my phone as well. Sometimes I am just too busy to be interupted as I take my time very seriously. I'm also a graduate student and when I'm focused on school, that's it! So, you kind of get a picture of how I prioritize my time.