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Rick Breese

Home Buyer in West Palm Beach

Joined Feb 6, 2011


About Me

As a foreign investor entering the Florida Property market I've found it both frustrating and enlightening dealing with the Realtors that are simply there to get contracts signed and do not listen, take notice of or understand their clients needs. Not to mention those Realtors with "10+ years experience" who give appalling information and don't know basic Real Estate Laws. On the flip side there are some fantastic hard working Realtors who want to build a relationship with you and are not afraid of saying they don't know the answer to a question (something all foreign investors will come across at some point). I'm happy to recommend the following Realtors who I can see understand the needs of a foreign Investor and work hard to answer the varied questions and can point you in the direction of much needed contacts. Brian Chisholm - Celebration/Kissimmee/Orlando - Keller Williams Katie Rawnsley - West Palm Beach - Keller Williams Alan Martin - Orlando/Kissimmee - Frontline Florida