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Ann Killian

Other in Kirkland

Joined Feb 27, 2008


About Me

With me, the customer is king; my goal is to exceed your expectations. Negotiation and good deals make my day; I have been practicing that for 25 years. My job is keeping you informed. I ask lots of questions, I listen to you. Years of project management have taught me…”pay attention to details and take care of loose ends”. I am very analytical, very thorough. Crisis management floats my boat and tension puts my sense of humor to work. As a child, I learned how to “decorate on a shoestring”. I know what must be done to stage and sell your house. I am surrounded by the very best support team with over 42 years of powerful experience. As a full service realtor, you will be amazed at the things I 'll do to help you. Changing where you live is among the biggest transitions people experience in life. I am honored to be of service to you.