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Renter in San Diego, CA

Joined Dec 27, 2010


About Me

We are a couple in our 50's early 60's looking for a clean, well maintained, one story, 2-3 bedroom, 2 bath single family home in the PL/OB area. Our family consists of the two of us and three female/spayed rescued mix breed dogs, none of which have any of the so-called aggressive breeds in their respective mixes - they weigh 45 lbs, 42 lbs and 22 lbs. respectively. These are trained and educated dogs as we are savvy and truly responsible pet owners - our dogs are part of our family, they do not live in the yard. The are always kept clean, groomed and well exercised. Our preference is that the home has a decent-sized yard (no concrete patios), closet space, updated kitchen appliances and a garage. We've been PL residents practically all of the 29 years we have lived in the area --- with the exception of 5 years we were in S. America, from 2006-2011 -- we are home for good. We've been renting a lovely home in the Fleetridge area of PL since 2011 - the owner needs the home for a family member so we need to look elsewhere. We are both employed, have excellent credit scores and impeccable records, and have the best personal and commercial local references. We are non-smokers. We care for our homes, whether rented or owned with pride. The few times we've leased property our landlords have been sorry to see us go. The homes we've owned, when sold, have been handed to the new owners in stellar condition. We will need a new home on July 1st, 2015.