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Enrique Mayoral

Renter in Bakersfield

Joined Dec 7, 2010


About Me

Wow! Where to start. I moved to Bakersfield back in 2000 after I got out of the Army. I found it a very fortunate time in my life since it gave me an opportunity to go to College for Nursing. I found out I hated Nursing and switched to Computer Science. In computer Science I got recruited by Apple Inc to head up their sales in Comp USA in 2004. I took the job and it was a great experience. I recently resigned Apple to pursue my real estate career. I found that in Real Estate, I am able to focus on my client and their best interest. If i do that, the rest falls into place. That's what excited me about Real Estate. I can help people in many different situations, find their American dream. Or in some cases, help them upgrade their dream because they never thought they could do so much. I can't tell you in words but it truly is an honor for me to be a part of that part of people's life. I take care of my clients and I believe in them and what they want.