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Pam Langley

Other in Montgomery

Joined Nov 23, 2010


About Me

I began my fascination with the real estate industry when I was in high school. I started out on the FFA land judging team at the age of 14. I was a member of the team for 5 years and we eventually claimed the top prize of state champions. While in college, I studied business and accounting. However, my focus was changed after working with income taxes for a season. I soon started my own swimming pool company. However, I once again saw a chance to further my knowledge of real estate by working at the Board of Realtors. Soon afterwards, I decided that selling real estate was my true calling. After being licensed to sale real estate in the state of Alabama, I moved up the ranks. I started out with closing over $2 million in my first 8 months. My family relocated to a new area soon after the fact. Once in the new area, I began specializing in relocation. From the Fall of 2005 until 2007, I successfully closed over 460 homes. My attention during this period was on investment real estate. One of my most prized accomplishments was successfully closing 57 units in one month. I now take all of those skills and focus on finding new talent, teaching that talent how to become successful in the real estate industry, as well as helping the experienced agents in my firm grow their business.