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John the Bruce

Home Buyer in Connecticut

Joined Feb 9, 2008


About Me

I enjoy long walks on the beach, sushi, saying "I told you so” and discussing the coming financial apocalypse brought on by loose credit and bad advice. . Today's housing market is experiencing the unwinding of the largest speculative bubble in the history of the world. Think about that for a second. It’s not an exaggeration. . In no other time in history could persons with no verifiable income leverage hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt against an asset with zero risk to themselves, i.e. no down payment, no “skin in the game.” The fallout from this will be nothing short of catastrophic for the U.S. financial system and over-leveraged consumers everywhere. . Realtors® pretending to understand finance and the greater economic situation that got us here are like carpenters thinking they can be brain surgeons. Just because they have the tools to do the job doesn’t mean they should be trusted with it. . Be smart. The only people telling you to buy today are those whose livelihood benefits from your purchase. . Be sure to visit my Trulia Blog, "The Housing Correction. It's on." at