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Mitch H

Home Buyer in Livingston, TN

Joined Jan 29, 2014


About Me

My name is Mitch H. age 31 and my fiancé of 5 years is Heather N. age 26 at the time we are living with my mother in Lafayette, TN. We are looking to move to the Livingston or Cookeville area of TN. She would love to live in that area to be with her big family, also I really love that area. We will be 1st time home buyers. I am in the process of getting on physical disability for a bed neck and back, I am unable to work. This is legit and not faking this, I have medical files for proof. Chances are in a year or 2 I will be on disability. Have had a doctor say he has seen people get on it with more than less of what all I got wrong with my neck and back. Till I get on disability if we can find a place that we are looking for, which I will be listing below, my mother, good bless her will be helping me out with $600 to $800 a month as a gift to help me and my fiancé start our new life. Also my credit score is around 720 or so most of the time. Heather unfortunately had to file for bankruptcy in the middle of 2013 due to major medical bills caused by a number of accidents without having insurance but, amazingly she is doing good at rebuilding her credit, it is in the mid 600's I think. She is a really amazing and hard working lady. After my injuries even before I got the proof I needed to file for disability last year in 2013, she trusted that I was not faking any thing not to work. She said if we was to ever move out of my moms house that she get 2 full jobs at the same time. One of a kind she is, anyways this is our story. What we are looking for is going to very hard to find but, it is worth a shot if anyone reads this and might can help us out on finding our own house to own. I will be updating this every few months. We are looking for a good to decent shape 3 bed room, 2 bath room brick house, do not care for it but, might think about a nice trailer, prefer wood floors in good shape, don't care much for carpet but, would not turn down the place just because of this, central heat & air, well or spring water is prefer but, also would like to have access to city water to maybe hook up one day and preferably also the power bill needs to run on average of $175 a month or less, a must, would love a finished basement but, not required. Also would love a country setting with an acre or more, preferably near a wooded area. As it stands on 1/29/14 I know this sounds like a joke but it is not. We would love to find a rent to own place $50,000 or below from seller with little to NO interest at all. If this is an option should be able to put down $2,000 or so, with monthly payments from $100-$250, some months might be able to pay more on it. In a few months, we should have more money to put down and hopefully soon have more money to put towards the place. If this is not an option I might can get a loan from some where but, we will still be looking for what is listed above. If anyone can help us out, find a place like this, please contact me, thank you & god bless!