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Mary D-B

Home Owner in Dripping Springs

Joined Sep 2, 2010


About Me

Currently I live in Orinda, CA, my husband's childhood community. We moved back for retirement because of the weather allowing for more outdoor time, for the proximity to relatives and for the excellent UC higher ed system. We bought this house 3 yrs ago and just moved into it. We look forward to the remodel and update. I lived in the Dripping Springs, TX area for 18 years and in Austin area since 1976. I was raised in central TX. Dripping meant great schools and family oriented community but a real plus for me was my location while raising a family and volunteering. We were 25 minutes to 2nd Street downtown Austin but 4 minutes to all my daily shopping and 8 minutes to the schools (at least, from my house). I viewed nothing but oaks and deer with my coffee in the morning but only had a 25 minute drive before I could be sipping a glass of wine before the symphony downtown. Yee Haw. I traded the occasional traffic problems of the "Y" in TX with the traffic problems of the Caldecott Tunnel. You can't have everything in life and those are both minor inconveniences when you look at the big picture. Exercise, be outside, give, help, eat well and remember the 12 step program "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change, etc". But I don't believe in god but it's a great saying nonetheless. I believe in human spirit and intelligence to set real expectations and thoughtful priorities.