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Jennifer Tevalt

Renter in Shepherdstown, WV

Joined Nov 28, 2013


About Me

my boyfriend works from home. he works with computers so the house we rent has to have a fast internet connection. I am a home maker, assistant to him and we are expecting our first child in November. We are looking for something with office space and enough room where we won't bother each other with our daily tasks. We need at least three bedrooms and a basement and the place has to be pet friendly. We don't have a pet right now but when we move, we plan on getting a dog. A yard is plus and it does not have to be fenced in. With approval we could do that ourselves. We are looking for a rent to own because we plan on settling down. My rental history is spotless but he has a bad mark on his. Before the divorce from his wife he left the home they shared and that marked as being evicted. My credit is better than his because of all of his joint possessions and the divorce but mine is still subprime right now. That is because of no open lines of credit and some outstanding hospital bills. we are good people, we work hard and we just want a place to call our own.