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Joined Jul 23, 2010


About Me

I work at Redstone Arsenal as a Computer Programmer. I work for Jacobs as a contractor. My family live here in Huntsville. My daughter, her husband and my Grandson live in Madison. I built my home serveral years ago and plan to have my home paid completely by the time I retire, hopefully in about 5 - 7 years. I would then like to downsize from 2800 sq. ft. home to a smaller home about 1500 - 1800 sq.ft. size. I am watching the local market to see what is now available for us "baby boomers" . I live alone and so I am interested in a safe environment, a one level home with a small yard. I am not interested in the retirement communities because they are very expensive and don't offer complete ownership of the home. I am interested in a home that has enough space for my Grandson and family to gather at my home for Grandma's meals and the holidays.