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Christine Wallace

Home Buyer in Las Vegas, NV

Joined Sep 28, 2013


About Me

We are victims of the Wells Fargo HARP Refinance Fraud. We would like to connect with other victims of the Fraud and pursue a class action lawsuit to force Wells Fargo to take responsibility for the damages caused to responsible homeowners like us and reimburse all the victims. This is how the fraud works: * Wells Fargo sends you a letter stating you are qualified to take advantage of the new Government HARP program to lower the interest rate they are charging on your loan. * Wells Fargo convinces you are better off keep your mortgage with them and they will expedite your application to lower you rate. * Once you've submitted your application, they forget about you or set out to find ANY reason whatsoever to deny you the loan. You can have perfect payment record, perfect credit score, perfect employment history and it doesn't matter. If Wells Fargo can't find a valid reason to deny you the loan, they will fabricate one. * Wells Fargo will delay your loan beyond your rate-lock agreement and shuffle you from one "Mortgage Specialist" to another, using excuses like "your processor is out sick", your processor took a leave of absence", "your loan is stuck in underwriting", "our underwriters are overwhelmed with applications", "our underwriters are backed up", "your title hasn't cleared yet", "the person doing your title work is out sick", we need this document and that document since all the others we received are illegible, or expired".... the list of excuses goes on and on for months (or in some cases, years)... * Once your loan is delayed beyond the rate-lock agreement, you must wait a few more months for them to tell you "your loan is denied since there is no end in sight". * Wells Fargo will fail to provide you with a credit denial letter stating a valid reason for that denial. According the law, they have 30 days. They violate this law as as well! * Wells Fargo continues to collect your high rate of interest for the term of original loan, enriching themselves at your expense. YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE A VICTIM! We were able to refinanced our loan in less than 30 days with New American Funding: David Kooner Loan Officer - NMLS ID# 998641 14511 Myford Road, Suite 100 Tustin, CA 92780 Toll Free: 800.450.2010 x7837 Direct: 949.751.4777 Email: Web: Needless to say, we intend to file a lawsuit against Wells Fargo for the fraud committed against us causing us to lose more than $17,000. We would like to organize the other victims of this fraud for a possible class action to help you recover your damages as well. If you are a Victim of this fraud, please feel free to contact us.