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Home Buyer in 33525

Joined May 3, 2010


About Me

Retired Police Officer from City Of Tampa Married 15 Years to Blonde, Blue-eyed California gal that gives as good as she gets. Rescue animals of all sorts these days, rather than previous job w/ humans rescues. & it is just as rewarding if not more, because you can trust them explicitly. Been searching for a plot of land w/ a sturdy hm on it for 2 yrs now, out in the country away from everything, where you can grow your own food & have some peace. Haven't had ANY luck w/ "realtors/brokers" in my immediate area because apparently they are taught at the local real estate schools "Show 3 hms & if the buyer doesn't show REAL interest in 1 of them, MOVE ON". I was told this by a broker who has been in business locally over 9 yrs, & it suddenly clicked why a realtor/broker would stop calling/ returning my calls. Now this is w/me "pulling listings, researching tax rolls, driving myself to see the hms & once in a blue moon having them meet me there because it was of REAL interest or had a lock box". I NEVER had any problems w/ a realty company I dealt w/for over 17 yrs in Pinellas County, FREE REALTY in SEMINOLE, FL. They were absolute dreams & I didn't realize how wonderful they were til I met the "bulk" of realtors in the surrounding counties. Free Realty went out of their way to see if they could find that "dream" piece of property for you. They seemed to thrive on a challenge & NEVER complained, or wanted you to "SETTLE" for less than what you really wanted. They made buying a breeze & renting either a property they owned or managed was like having your best friend as your landlord. Prompt, responsive to all your needs & willing to work w/someone on most anything. Now, I find myself FORCED into an online education about real estate (primarily thru the wonderful voices in real estate like JoAnna Jensen, realtor & her husband Chris, a loan officer out of CA) here on Trulia. If you can't find anyone willing to actually work (Oh, & actually knows what their doing) & is honest, then you do what you must & educate yourself to the processes. I have managed to continue my hm search, find 2 different type loans for different hms I was interested in, & place a bid contract by gently guiding a rookie realtor thru the writing process of that bid. Still holding my breath that it gets accepted so I don't have to continue school in real estate 101. I really do have better things to do:) ADVICE: to all realtors out there, WORD OF MOUTH is STILL the BEST advertising YOU CAN'T BUY! I will forever exclaim the praises of FREE REALTY (2 counties over)! But I will NEVER mention the pack of useless porch hounds (31 in all, I called or emailed) in this county, that were as responsive as a stone. I even went back over to Free & asked them if this was "too detailed/demanding" & they were utterly shocked by the lack of follow-up & pressure to "settle" for a property that didn't even meet 1/2 the criteria w/an applicant carrying a pre-approval. If the beach area wasn't so expensive & could be farmed, I would be in the safe, honest arms of FREE REALTY. Or if I was moving to CA, I would contact JoAnna Jensen and her husband Chris. For all those out there who are told you "must" have a realtor. Ck your schedule & get an education & use them if you must. But if there aren't any trustworthy/hardworking realtors in your area, cautiously do it yourself. If you find a GREAT realtor (or mortgage broker), SING THEIR PRAISES TO THE HEAVENS because they deserve every dime they earn! Cross your fingers & say a prayer, maybe I will have a positive response to my bid on the property I am holding out for now. I have faith! (and now a bit of an education) :):):)